Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Life beyond the meme.

Trembling apprehension, fearful expectation, beyond the meme lies open space, breathe deeply. 

In, out, connect scribble dot. 

We have no time my friends to cheat ourselves. We have no time to unbuild, to deconstruct, to rebuild, to repurpose Jersusalem. 

We are left with this connection. 

Friends, family, gardens, rivers, homes, the birds as friends, the time as breath. 

Little as I have tried, the time spent learning has unchanged the joy, the secret of unconsidered sketches, ill-considered ventures, misspent schooling. Connect, don't judge, let it out, let it out. We are nothing, we are nobody, we are all we have, don't judge, let it out. 

He was there, he gave me gruff reassurance, he is my secret, he is buried, he is alive in this, in this.

Nobody will capture, nor repurpose our connection, our meaning. 

Beyond the meme, beyond the meme, down along the river, to the sea. Sea-change, heartfelt, gale, storm, spray, fear, we are walking afar on the beach, on the shore, on the edge. 

No don't try, you won't, I can't, you wouldn't like it, I won't insist. 

This will rest, when he will not, his ashes now a futile mist. 

But we have meaning, we have hope, we have time, we have time, my friends. 

So little, so little. 

Give up and dream, give up to dreams, give up to us. 

You are us, never forget, the river, the river, the river, the waves. 

You are gone. A meme lives on. REPURPOSE it Now. REImagine ours now. now. now.

For us.


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  2. Last night I watched some of The Doors from the Hollywood Bowl in 1968. Your words reminded me of the inferences to faith and something beyond these moments we live in, and the images of rivers and frantic search for connection. Nice. here are lyrics:

    and here is video: