Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mind the gap...

Complete the text with the words below, the expressions may only be used once.

To sum up, 
Thanks to, 
To begin with, 
For this reason, 

Text A
a) --------  -----------    -----------, without any irony whatsoever, I have stolen the image-link from a serious site proposing to help us to learn a language.

b) ------------------, it requires a certain determination to list words in a well kept order.

c) --------------------, I have my personal cheat-sheet to give me an advantage over you, poor student.  This is what I am paid for: the advanced ability to look on sternly while you unravel my drill.

d) -------------     -----------------  ------------, I will be able to certify your level and give you an official stamp.  Careful now, there are some tricky e) ------------ in this text.  Our centre has been given, for a modicum sum, heavy paperwork and a complete change of keyboards, the honour to test you to tears.

f) -------------------, g) ------------     ------- our advanced pedagogy, you will be able to work alone in front of a screen to practice randomly created multiple choice exercises. h) ------------, courses of exam training are available all through the year to help you get through the 'use of English' paper.

Successful scores of 3556 are a passport to studying in a prestigious institution and gaining a MDR.

 i) --------------------, with budget restrictions courses abroad will only be feasible for students with parental funding, adequate credit rating or advanced abilities in college basketball.

k) --------------------, candidates who have limited means, athletic qualities or inadequate height should reconsider their options.

l) ---   -------------   --------------, run to the bank, wear leg extensions, marry an American, come to us, drill deep and mind the gaps.

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