Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Divine outcomes.

I, yes I said I, came second in the end of year physics exam.

"Bloody hell!" 

A group of suspiciously chattering pupils stood looking at the notice board.

To say that I was, that they were, surprised at my apparent physics prowess would be understatement to the power of ten.

That year like all years, I had occupied my customary seat next to the window where I could benefit from draughts of sea-air passing through the single glazing and hide my physics exercise book/sketch pad.

"Look lads, we're going to do a really brilliant experiment," was the teachers' sales-pitch.

I remember being lulled into nascent curiosity.

There was a wooden bench propped up at an angle, a sort of wooden trolley with ticker tape attached to it. The trolley went down the angled bench, the ticker tape followed.

That was that. 

What had it all meant? I didn't, I don't have the foggiest inkling of an idea.

I remember feeling that I had been had.

If that was the ultimate excitement that one could have in a "physics classroom" then clearly it wasn't going to be for me.

I enjoyed scribbling, feeling the draught, looking vaguely out of the window while paying ear-service to the ambient educative goings-on.

I liked the teacher in so far as he left me in peace.

I never enjoyed physics as much as the year that God mysteriously decided that I would be gifted sudden brilliance in the key testing moment.

I came second in physics.

The teacher must have thought he had worked really well.

I remember nothing else.

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school."
A. Einstein.

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