Sunday, June 1, 2014

Nothing doing.

Nothing there? 

Let it come out onto the page.

Let its absence presence guide us.

Let us see what this is made of.

No ideas. No theme. No matter. 

I flit from image to image.

This one will do. 

It has no reason.
It came at a moment like this.
How did it get captured here?

(I was screen gazing, there were glistening droplets, masking a brick wall, making it come to life, giving it beauty.)

I had time for nothing.

And now here?

I have time for nothing.

What is going on now?

Your guess is as good as mine.
But you are reading this nothing now.

Ha ha ha!

Tangled up in nothingness.

This action is somewhat framed:  blank space, familiar icons; they will be our crutches.

When in doubt click on a picture, scroll, let it select itself.

Why this one now?

Click to preview.
Glimpsing this in a different perspective might help, might help me connect to you.

Not quite yet, more words are coming, are coming in an automatic order.

Who is in control? 
At this precise moment, the machine froze, the screen went blue.

Who is in control? 
Damn you. Ha!

  • Ctlrl Alt Suppr. 
  • Task Manager. 
Oops wiped that line out, come back. We are safe. A close shave.

Where is this going? 

Click through to preview. This nonsense is getting carried away.

Who is in control here?

I am going back to edit now.

Wait a moment. Just a sec, I will shift a few lines, add a few spaces.

Maybe it has made some sense, inspite of it all?

I add a bit more bold there, a bit more white space.

Preview? Service unattainable.
Preview, let's look again.

Down, down, more space, more space here.

Back up. Back up. More space.

That's it , that's all.

Nothing doing.

Strange that, how the title fell to the bottom of the page.

Final edit and note to self:

Nothing has presence not absence.


  1. I've had that happen to me too :(

    1. Hi Vanessa! Nothing happened! Ironically something comes of nothing. Very odd.

  2. Spot on, Simon. Some thing always comes from no thing.

    Thanks for connecting.

  3. Here you go or not: