Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Be careful what you wish for...

It did come as a bit of surprise, but as the saying goes "Miracles do happen".

We witnessed today, the first inkling of a new era, the awakening of "Education Nirvana."

This morning at 10:00 am Greenwich Meantime, the ministers of education of all the countries around the world resigned.

"Hurrah!" I hear you say.

When asked for an explanation for their decision, a spokesman for the outgoing ministers said, and I quote:

"We've realised over the past few hours, that we really haven't got a clue what on earth we are playing at, so we have decided as a group to abandon all pretence at leading policy for world education."

This statement was greeted by a stunned silence by a congregation of education hacks who suddenly were at a loss for questions.

"There is one more thing," the ministers' spokesman added.

"We have over the past few hours found the person who will be replacing us all as world minister for education."

I know that you are going to be interested to know the name of the person.

"He is a Mr Dave Cormier, latterly of Prince Edward Island, in Canada."

"Who?" I hear you say.

Well he is a leading proponent of what will now become official world education policy.

It is an approach which goes by the rather dinky name of...(I have to check my spelling here)

"Rhizomatic learning, or rhizomatic education."

Mr Cormier, it appears, will be giving us a detailed report as to how he intends now to implement this radical educational approach in all educational establishments on and offline around the world starting in 2015.

Teachers, surprised as any of us, are looking forward to working with the new minister for World Education, but with their years of experience of previous ministers are understandably sceptical and a little nervous.

Who wouldn't be?

That just goes to show...

The world is really a mad, mad, mad, and wholly uncertain place..

Never more so than in 2015...

(This is not true, sorry Dave)