Tuesday, February 3, 2015

In a different light.

I love these moments.

I am surrounded by students who are apparently busy working.

I can hear my colleague encouraging them in their research.

I am here early.

I ignore the other people in the room.

I avoid eye-contact.

I sit down.

I tune out.

I am elsewhere.

I am nowhere in particular

I contemplate photos in no particular order.

I am not looking to do anything.

I let myself wander.

I love this feeling of freedom.

Where will I be taken today?

I pick an image out of thousands.

It will be this one.

It catches my imagination.

I reframe it in my blog.

I wait to see if anything comes of it.

I may well have binned this a line downwards.

I enjoy this feeling of being on an edge.

I am writing a fine line between survival and oblivion.

There are no ideas here.

No matter.

It is a doodle.

I identify this as a militant act.

It doesn't answer to any prompt.

It doesn't reply to any request.

It doesn't follow any instructions.

It represents freedom for me.
The image came out of a moment such as this

I have lived with it for over 16 years.

It has become familiar.

Back then, I had a couple of cans of black and gold spray paint.

I don't remember why.

No matter.

I could choose to dive back and explore.

No matter.

I choose to focus on the image.

I had a large piece of paper.

I had some old empty frames.

I had the remains of some Japanese wallpaper that a cat had destroyed.

I had a few bits of wood, a broken hat-stand.

I  had  made three or four images with these materials over one day.

I remember being completely taken up with the creative play.

I am not sure it this is artistic or autistic.

No matter.

I seem to remember having destroyed one I preferred in a fit of nihilism.

I feel an instant of sadness.

This picture remains.

A few weeks ago, it caught my eye again.

It was propped up against a wall.

I messed around with a smartphone, taking photos, playing with my reflection in the glass of the frame.

I mangled it, I cut it up with two or three apps, transforming it, giving it new life.

Somehow, the image has travelled down over the years to reappear here in a different light.

I shall take pleasure in contemplating it here.



  1. Here's a repeat of my twitter pic just in case you didn't see it. I don't know if this comment box allows html but here goes. (BTW, it does not. Stupid text box.)