Friday, September 11, 2015

Be longing.

“I looked up at the mass of signs and stars in the night sky and laid myself open for the first time to the benign indifference of the world.” 

Be fitting

I tried on a variety of costumes...

They didn't fit.

I was not fit for purpose.

No that one will not do.

That was me.

No that one will not do.

I was not one of them.

No that one will not do.

It just wasn't me.

In the end I gave up on costumes.

Be longing.

I don't belong...

This book belongs to Simon.

I liked that printed on a book.

It is decorative and has substance.

I don't belong...

It appears to be printed on my forehead.

I don't seem to have an ounce of decorative substance in me...

There are fringe benefits.

One has a better view asat the edge.

B. word.

Asat is that a word?

It will be now.

I have proclaimed it to be so.

Now that word belongs to me.

Ha! I drag it here.

Can you hear it kicking and screaming and protesting its insignificance?

'I am not a word. I am not a word.'

You can't have words revolting!

What is the word coming to?

Be longing.

Do those that belong feel where they start and others end?

I was never quite sure about that.

Do those that don't belong feel where they start and where others end?

I was never quite sure about that.

Does shared alienation represent a sense of belonging?

I was never quite sure about that.

I like writing.

I suppose I belong here.

I am not sure that here belongs to me.

'I won't be long now.'

Ah that's its end.

I am quite sure about that.


La Silla Observatory


  1. This triggered a number of thoughts relevant to my current situation. Alienation is a nice word to play with but the term "benign indifference" has me stuck.
    While thinking about this I'll distract you with

    Loss of self: a fundamental form of suffering in the chronically ill
    Cathy Charmaz
    Accessed Aug 23, 2015 Via Marie Ennis O'Connor

    Have you seen Sarah's latest comment at NomadWarMachine? Being virtual is as complicated as being that other thing.

    1. Think 'benign indifference' is the more interesting :-)

  2. Be Longing. Now that resounds with my interest in liminal spaces.

    Alas, I like studying them, perhaps because I so frequently inhabit them?

    1. Jeffrey, I wonder if anybody doesn't inhabit liminal spaces?

  3. Several responses:

  4. Liminal spaces and the spaces "between". Are either truly third spaces?