Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A dom of one's own.

"Visibility is a trap."

That's it!
I have my reputation now.

I am mad(e).

This is their reputation economy.
They keep an eye on me for me.

Bitten, embedded, embittered.

I am a willing bit part player.

I have my likes, my friends.

Titled, labelled, branded.

I have my branding.


Touches of sense...

Tâches de sens...

Freely tagged at my expense.

I have my tags.




They have me data-linked.

I will not go far.

Free.Dom is their warm gun.

I will buy my free.dom.

It will be a Domain of my own.

I will rent and register my matricule.


Serf to a server baron.

It will be a rented plot.


Praise the lords of the demesne.

Mine lords will be benevolent.

Their reputation and their goods will be embellished by my mere presence my mere remains.

I shall be a serf to their server.

My remains will be safe.

No cookies for me.


Praise the lord!


I am gone.

Please don't object.

We are not what we grasp.

I am not for digging.

I am done with this.


  1. Us hippies still love the faux quote from Balinese folk wisdom: "We have no art. We do everything as well as possible."