Monday, October 17, 2016

Anyone for tennis?

"Oh good shot that man!"


"First service."


"First service."

"Oh, an ace!"

"30 all."

"Oh bravo!"

There are times when discussions in education seem like a racket sport.  

For a start, you have to be a member of tennis club in order to be invited to toss up a few balls.

You need time to engage in jolly banter.

You need to be appropriately dressed and to play by the rules.

The ladies and the men are often playing separately.

(Ladies and gentlemen are almost equal now.)

Only men get to play seriously over 5 sets.

Mixed doubles is all very well, but it's reserved to middling players who won't threaten for major titles.

It's all about scoring points.

It's all about major titles.

It's all about grandslams.

The majority of the population is quite unaware of the "enjeux".

The most important thing about tennis is its irrelevance.

One can let off a bit of steam.

One can rage about decisions of the umpire.

One can throw one's racket dramatically to the ground in mock disgust.

Tennis will never do 'out to change the world.

The committee hang their rackets on the clubhouse walls as trophies.

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