Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mapping touches of sense.

I am getting an idea of my contours, of my connections, of my motivations, of possible directions.

Touches of Sense is one example of how I wander when left to my own devices. 

I write most often as a stream of consciousness, any learning is emergent.

I take a pause to lay down markers for myself. 

If it is to be a usable map then I need to integrate its lenses into more focused exploration.

I am being systematic in my analysis now.  

There comes a time for nature to become a template for action.

Poetry is no less a science, it is no less a map, it is no less a means to reimagine our roles.

I post a reference to Shelley here for future reflection:

For Shelley, "poets ... are not only the authors of language and of music, of the dance, and architecture, and statuary, and painting; they are the institutors of laws, and the founders of civil society..." Social and linguistic order are not the sole products of the rational faculty, as language is "arbitrarily produced by the imagination" and reveals "the before unapprehended relations of things and perpetuates their apprehension" of a higher beauty and truth. Shelley's conclusive remark that "poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world" suggests his awareness of "the profound ambiguity inherent in linguistic means, which he considers at once as an instrument of intellectual freedom and a vehicle for political and social subjugation".[6]

I note in passing two key annotated blog posts for me.

Iconoclast 101: Outsiders in Academe in Dodger.

No doubt this mapping will see it take on other forms.

I think I have a template for further work. 

The links to personal story must remain and not be severed by a disrespect for person, group or nature. 

Boxes and numbers must not replace be dumb avatars for complexity.

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