Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Being here...

Where shall we start?

There's a dog barking in the garden, black-birds singing in the trees, the French lunchtime news on TV...

And here I am.


I am contemplating lines, strata, circles, points...

This is all getting rather too mathematical or geographical.

Perhaps it is historical or biological?

Blimey!  It may even be ecologically philosophical!

Oh bloody hell!
Why worry?

How many more -cals can I find? (oh don't answer that)  

If I knew, would I understand more?

"Why do we acknowledge only our textual sources but not the ground we walk, the ever-changing skies, mountains and rivers, rocks, and trees, the houses we inhabit and the tools we use, not to mention the innumerable companions, both non-human animals, and fellow animals, with which and with whom we share our lives?"

Tim Ingold.

And then I was no longer alone.

Where are we?

This is a personal question.

I am rather aware that I am a flow of contradictions.

Should I be listening to the TV news?
Should I ignore the dog?
Should I put a photo there?

There's you and I and i and you and...

You are coming at this from a completely different angle..

Why stop at angles?
Why not dimensions?
Why not time zones?
Why not depths?
Why not stories?

What a bloody right tangle this is...being...written... here.

Completely Random Aside:

Why is Stephen Clarke speaking about Buffalo Bill?
(he was on TV that instant)

I have been getting to think a lot about native Americans these past few days.

This line of study was retriggered by an exchange with Dave Cormier on Twitter. (Oh gawd...)

We have been talking interminably about the myth of content.

It is the word myth that is intriguing me more.

The word content is beginning to feel like a pervasive prison.

We have all the content in the world but we appear to be unhappily self-contained.

I suspect that is why we speak so much.


I am coming to the impression that the concept 'content' hides a distinct world view...the politics, the economics of enclosure, of appropriation, of extraction, of individual isolation/wealth/poverty/identity, of identifiable authors, of 'scientific progress', of superiority over nature..


And listen oh...How little!

It seems to me that this is about religion versus spirituality, ambition versus becoming.

I tweeted a throw-away remark:

There seems to be at the heart of my wonderings a question....

as regards our relationship with space.
(our environment?)

as regards our orientation within what we call society.
(or should that be in what we call life?) 

Ah yes, I had forgotten that I had posted this tweet here:


I am quite sure that it is no coincidence that I have come across (is that the word?) the writing of Tim Ingold, notably a book entitled Being alive.

I bumped into him (as it were) when investigating how to connect Deleuze and Guattari's rhizome with religion (as one does).

I found this article, entitled Rhizomatic Animism.

I immediately fell in love with the title.

It sounded lordily, seriously, scientific to me.

I felt immediately more intelligent.

It was incomprehensible but tripped joyfully off the tongue.

'TicMism' I have caught a 'Ticmism'.! Is that a sort of insect? 

I rather have the impression that if there are many who have stopped believing in GOD, we have been left with the cells of monks and a rather nasty empty space to fill.


(I have no idea what this means - I am sorry)

(It's art - it doesn't have to mean anything.)

(Oh shut up!)



What was it that I read the other day about science killing life in order to dissect it?

I can't remember now.

I hesitated to go and look but the the dog barking distracted me.

Then I noticed a tweet of Aras

I immediately noticed the tiny spot accorded to GOD.
I immediately noticed the angled arrow of modern scientific progress.
I immediately noticed the tangled mess of Post-Modernism.

OOOH lovely another ism.

What does one have to do to become an ism? (don't answer that)

From animism to Post-modernism and back again. (if we are lucky)


I am reminded of this is water.

I am reminded of Alan Levine's ever-changing perspectives...

I make a note to read Aaron's post on what counts.

I am reminded of Terry Elliott's work...inside...outside boundaries.

A light breeze is dancing on my skin.

I can feel the hairs on my arms moving.

I can hear the leaves in the trees...

There is an ad break on TV.

The news program is surely not finished...

The exams are.

I have finished counting.

Perhaps in #rhizo15 we are not learning so much.

I am not counting.

Perhaps we are rather learning 'being here'?

A wind is blowing.

Are myths a means of orientation in the wild or the walls of a lonely cell?

And at just that moment...


  1. In addition to value of your post, you also demonstrated how to manage knowledge flow and took a picture of "the moment"...

    1. Thank you Aras. You are giving me more food for thought. I don't really 'manage' flow, this is flow...

    2. I didn't 'take' a picture. It's like if I ran across the beach. I just leave tracks. Sometimes I doodle with bits and pieces lying around and build sand castles :-)

  2. It was hinted to me
    that D&G
    are beyond me.
    I see.
    Yes, I am only
    just slow enough
    to know a tree
    or to apris
    a hyphae
    on a mychorrizae.
    But to ID
    Beyond me.
    Ignorant & free.