Thursday, June 25, 2015


I have found myself in the wings of #clmooc over the past few days.

Last year, I spent much time drawing with Paper by 53 

I can't remember how that happened.

#CLMOOC community opens doors.

It catalysed an escape into one of my favorite past times.

That led into visual mashups.
I gathered stuff together here:

This year, like the year before, I am hanging out in the margins.

I know you're busy making stuff, tweeting at a rate of knots.

I am not pushing it.

Stuff clicks.

I love this type of moment.

I am a bit tired at the end of a very busy year.

I chill out. 

I am getting that urge to play with music apps again.


I am drawn to doodle not so much with images but with sounds, beats, spoken words, sound effects. 

I gave up playing music early.
I felt I was playing for others...

There were so many silent years.
I am beginning to miss listening.
There are so many unexplored avenues. 

Terry Elliott made a brilliant sound companion to a spoken voice piece which featured in Made in Entropy. 

You can listen to it here:


I love how he chucks another log on the fire to stoke up creative dialogue.

Here I am tapping away on a smartphone, while the others sleep, listening to a clock tick.

I open up the laptop to do a couple of embeds and tidy up the formatting.

I wonder if the video has uploaded yet?

23% only...


What object am I?

I am ajar

36% processing...

I am impatient.


I sleep-engaged in a #clmooc Twitter chat. 
Finalizing video on Youtube.

I need to sleep.


  1. Being ajar is a pretty damend good object.

    Also, love the layers of this project/conversations.

    1. Ajar is not an object. I am not open or closed. I write not to be understood :-)

  2. "There were so many silent years...."
    Last year my cello split apart in this desert air....I miss it so much.

  3. Its been fun, but I am weary. The other day in the week one twitter chat I was told that using the word "blindspot" was disrespectful to visually impaired folk. Sigh. I got a response ready, but not sure that game is worth the candle. Your game, however, is worth playing. Keep on!

    1. Sigh too. No those games are never worth the candle. I keep playing when and where the urge takes me. Enjoy company :-)