Friday, June 12, 2015


"This is not magic." 

"Technology is just a tool."

Yes, yes, I agree...

Up to a point.

I am writing this on a small connected digital device.

I was just watching some of my friends chatting together from different parts of the globe via Maha on Twitter
on Youtube 
via a wifi connected smartphone...
on the sofa...

[For those of you reading in 1984, I will explain later. It's a bit complicated. Please bear with me.]

There was Maha in Cairo, Mia in California, Terry in Kentucky, Scott in Canada, Rebecca somewhere,  Howard in California, Autumm (remind me to check spelling) er in the USA? and other guys who I am still trying to place.

They were talking about stuff I find really interesting. 

They said something about magic.
I can't remember what.
It doesn't really matter now.

They were just hanging out.

Click here for hangout

[I will explain]

I had just got back from a few days of meetings in the UK with Teresa Mackinnon and the teaching team at Warwick University.

We were planning stuff for 2015-16 and 2015-20. 

We work as a team - yes teachers in France and in the UK and then there are others from all over the place. 

Funny that,  that never used to happen before.

[I met Teresa on a blog]
[I will explain.]


We spent a fair amount of time speaking French. 

I still have the impression that the fact that I speak French is magical.

I shouldn't be able to master that francotool. 

Pfff, language is just a technology, just a tool. 

I suppose it's all that time working and playing with French speakers that's rubbed off on me.

It's all explainable. (He coughs.)

No magic there.

Technology is not the answer to all our problems, it rained in English and il pleuvait ce soir en francais. 

We still fight each other and get sad.


Technology does change and has always changed societies.

Just imagine education with no writing.

That wonderful barman in a Warwick pub made me taste HPA, IPA, dark IPA, IPA (beer). 

I decided I preferred IPA.

It is marvellous how useful language and hand-pulled pumps (just tools) are when you are thirsty.

Technology is being used to change our relationships to ourselves and to others.

It is changing our discussions about education.

It is changing who we are speaking with, who we are listening to, how we are communicating.  

It is just a tool.

These are just my friends and colleagues.

They help me to make meaning.

That is magic.


  1. Just a tech:

    1. Thanks Terry. That is a find. Didn't know Scrobius.

  2. Yeah he's killing it.

    Thanks for reminding us about the magic Simon

    Oh and for getting the spelling right...

    1. YEAHH!!! I got the spell right!!! MAGIC. I still believe in magic.

  3. Your post is just magic. I highlighted nearly all your words. They are all shining. Magically. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for overcoming the beastly blogger comment box monster. Your words make me happy.