Saturday, August 29, 2015

Another cycle.

I just remembered my second tricycle.

It was the red one which replaced the small blue one that I used to ride around the house dressed as the Lone Ranger, aged three.

I don't have any photos of my second tricycle.

I am fairly satisfied that it looked pretty much like this one on the left.

It had a boot at the back for the trip to the grocers'.

I seem to remember that the boot was big enough for a packet of cornflakes and a bag of potatoes.

I have vague memories of pedaling for miles.

Surely, it wasn't so far?

It was the first time that I was able to leave the confines of the Rectory garden.

Surely, I can't have been alone?

I don't remember anyone being with me, so taken up was I with my new found freedom.

I had quite forgotten about that red tricycle until now.

A few months later, it seemed rather childish, that tricycle.

Another cycle.

I can't remember the colour of the bicycle.

I remember going around the garden shakily, feeling total exhilaration at the speed, at the feeling of being on two wheels...

Then a catastrophe struck.

I remember distinctly crashing into a patch of nettles and brambles.

I was stung by my overconfidence, by my wounded pride.

It was too late.

There was no going back to the tricycle.

I had outgrown it.

It was consigned to memory.

There was nothing for it.

I would have to learn to keep my balance, to steer correctly and to give hand-signals on the open road.

Another cycle.

"So are you bringing your poems to Reclaim Hosting?" 

I was a little surprised that my 'secret' dabbling in WordPress and my 'secret' domain had been uncovered by Jim Groom.

On the other hand, I felt reassured to be messing around in a sandbox with people that I was familiar with.

I was not alone with the buckets and spades.

Another sandbox.

I have been working on a website for the CLAVIER network.

After exhausting all other "solutions" (excuses),  I resigned myself to figuring out how to set up a domain, how to make a blog look like a website and vice versa.

Another tricycle.

I spent a long time trying to avoid it.

Wouldn't a Google site do it?

Wouldn't a Blogger blog do it?

Nope, they wouldn't do it.

Wouldn't someone else do it?

Nope they wouldn't do it.

I tried to find a hosting solution at the university.

Nope, that wouldn't do it.

I tried to find a hosting solution in France.

Nope, I didn't know those guys, that wouldn't do it.

I need real support.

Another cycle.

I blame the people at Connected Courses.

I was so happy with my red tricycle.

It took me as far as the shops.

I am way off my beaten track now...

I tweeted a message to Maha. 


She tweeted a message to Reclaim Hosting.

I tweeted a message to Cogdog.


I tweeted a message to Cogdog.


Another cycle.

I studied the CLMOOC website.
I studied the CCourses website.
I studied the Virtually Connecting Website.
I studied Cogdog's website.
I studied websites...

I know pretty much nothing about bicycle code.

I cheated and found an application: "WordPress Theme Detector"

I started to understand a bit more about Themes and Plug ins.

I read the posts on setting up a blog hub.

I looked again at the posts on setting up an Activity Bank.

I studied the Youshow: Unit 5 found on Cogdog's website.

Another cycle.

I signed up to Reclaim Hosting.

I was so shocked how easy it was to create a domain that I did it three times, just because I could.

The euphoria was short-clicked.

Ugh, CPanel.

Those sounded like nettles and brambles.

I rode shakily around them.

I found a Theme.

I was on familiar territory.

It was rather like Blogger.

I found pages.

It was rather like Google Sites.

I started getting adventurous.


I crashed into the brambles and the nettles.

What TF is a sticky post?
What TF is a sticky header?
What TF is a featured picture?

I was beginning to miss the red tricycle.

I could almost hear my brother laughing at my desperate crash.

Oh the shame...

Another cycle.

I have resigned myself.

It's too late now.

In a few months, I will have forgotten about the trip to the shops for the cornflakes.

I will be going further afield.

I will be roaming new domains.

Now what shall it be?


Another cycle...

Another crash in the brambles and the nettles...


  1. That red tricycle looks great with the new tassels and the Reclaim Hosting flag on the back!

    That's a lot of ground cover, in a few weeks what some of us spent years doing.

    As far as the domain, what's the intent? Is it a new home for this blog? It tough call since you have tachesdesens as a sort of name thing. Of course *.wtf is overly fun.

    Why not take 'em all?

    1. Blogger ate my comment. He starts again. Thanks Alan for dropping in. The red tricycle is still here at the moment.
      The bike that is on Reclaim is the site for the CLAVIER network thing.

      Once I've used that thing as a sandbox to learn and to get it up and pedaling I'll return to tachesdesens.

      CLAVIER is much more complex than my blog/website/artwork stuff.
      I will learn the hard way!

      Getting a domain(s) for my personal stuff will be my recreation - once I've figured out how stuff works. I come here to relax :-)

      So the domain(s) to come will draw together this blog/artwork/website/ et al.

      Can you have a domain ending .wtf? I was wondering what the limits were after reading your post about vanity domains.

  2. Enjoyed reading this update Simon and it is prompting me to use my time this morning more productively. I have a few hours in a hotel room staying out of the sun before making my way to the airport for my flight back from Italy. Time to get started on the auto ethnography I have been procrastinating about. Makes a change from bicycle maintenance!

    1. Teresa, hi! Thanks for dropping in. That auto-ethnography idea has been trotting around my head for some time. I would like us to see what we can do with that. I reckon that is what is at the heart of CLAVIER. The slides of Rob O'Dowd has me thinking that CLAVIER is a lot different from typical term long telecôllaborative projects. We really must document the emerging stories. That is one of the reasons for the clavedu website. It is a good place to sort stuff.

  3. Cool! Enjoyed reading this so much :) good luck w reclaim :)