Friday, February 12, 2016

Brass bands/Big brands.

I am working through Daniel Bassill's Tutor Mentor Resources.

It is both humbling and inspiring.

I fall upon a title of a blog:

"Involving youth in meaningful ways."

I can think of no better description for how I see my role as an English teacher:

Involving youth in language learning in meaningful ways...

As I rummage through the mass of information on the Tutor Mentor Sites, I come across another document which attracts my attention:

"Faith-based tutoring and mentoring strategies which any group can benefit from."

I find the following quote:

"One person trained twelve human beings who went o­n to so influence the world that time itself is now recorded as being before (B.C.) or after (A.D.) his existence."

"This quote was taken from the introduction of the book "Jesus, CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership",written by Laurie Beth Jones and published by Hyperion.It shows how much power o­ne person has to change the world. We hope it inspires church leaders to use there communications systems to change the future for millions of at-risk youth throughout America, and the world."

I let my mind wander...

I find the following quote:

Coursera propose un accès universel à la meilleure formation au monde, en partenariat avec des universités et des organisations du plus haut niveau, pour proposer des cours en ligne.

Growing up...

I am the son of an Anglican minister.

I had no faith.

I clearly wasn't going to make it in evangelical christianity.

Growing up...

I am the nephew of an advertising executive.

I had different competences.

I clearly wasn't going to make it in advertising.

Growing up...

"I shall work in public relations," I said to myself.

I had different values.

I clearly wasn't going to make it in public relations.

Growing up...

I arrived in France.

I had a different language.

I clearly could only use English to make it in teaching...

Things are changing...

We can widen 'our' horizons from our armchairs today....

Such power...

Growing up...

My early life was rhythmed by church activities: sport, brass bands, beatles tribute bands, bible reading classes, Whit walks, school visits, pastoral care, baptisms, marriages, burials...

Growing up...

My early career was rhythmed by public relations activites: horse-racing, pipe bands, store openings, promotional tours, giant sausages, client meetings, photo opportunities for Miss Blackpool, bucks fizz...

Growing up....

My present career is rhythmed by educational activities; online and offline exchanges, sport, play, music, information literacy classes, student exhibitions, conferences, team meetings, Youtube videos, blogging...

Bridging divides.

When I look at Daniel Bassill's work I have the impression of bridging my own divides.

He was an advertising executive and uses his competences to build caring community.

My uncle fashioned jingles to build market share.

My father shared his passions to build congregation.

Building communities...

I come back to faith:

"One person trained twelve human beings who went o­n to so influence the world that time itself is now recorded as being before (B.C.) or after (A.D.) his existence."

Christ is a powerful model for an educational networking strategy.

Education is a powerful means to change society.

I am not alone in this belief.

We have the means to network widely and deeply.

Do we want to educate soldiers for a 'religious crusade', consumers for a 'global market', 'citizens' for a 'free society'?

Those working passionately in education have diverse beliefs, values and motivations.

What can not be doubted is the strength of their resolve...for their/our better or for their/our worse.

For those who complain about the politicisation of education, let's be clear:


There are some educational projects, I consider unbearable.

Nietzsche or God or Mammon or Nation or State may be the inspiration for unbearable horror.

Growing up...

We must remain attentive and critical. 

I don't want to work towards building market share.

I don't want to work towards building congregation.

I don't want to work towards building armies.

I want to work with others enabling the emergence of peaceful, caring community.

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