Saturday, August 27, 2016


Nightmare Ape?

There, emerging the shadow.

Its stare fixed, nostrils flaring.

There, it stands, wolf-lizard howling.

Are those trees ablaze?

An army marches silhouette.

What conjures those scenes of horror?

Let's call it "aphazard".

Whether writing or drawing, I let my pen, my mind wander.

I am transported elsewhere.

I  scrape off the surface in an attempt to look beyond the obvious.

I relish what appears while hacking haphazardly.

The image above came from simple questions.

'What comes from abstract texture rather than form?'

'Does texture reveal stories?'

'Might apps be combined in autosubversion?'

Sitting on the leather sofa, I took my phone, found a surface sculpted by light and snapped.

Now, I had my raw material - simultaneously canvas and painting.

Then came the research.

I took my palette of banal apps:

Picplaypost, Fusion, Distressed Fx, Prisma, Strip Designer..

I played with that simple leather rectangle.

It reveals itself impressively complex.

I am reminded an instant of Brando's Kurtz.

We are shadow skinned animals...

I shared an initial discovery with the #clmooc Facebook community.

What emotion, reaction might my sofa leather reveal, I wondered?

I got an immediate response.

Fred Mindlin had see beyond the couch:

"Looks rhizomatic, tendriliferous, and a bit like cosmic primordial ooze."

Yes, it must be rhizomatic.

Are we the ape, appearing from that cosmic ooze?

Meanwhile, I take the research a stage further....

Layering, form, light, colour, texture I attempt to plumb secrets hidden in the pixels.

I play.

I remember night-time fears and curtain-shadow monsters.

Emotion flows, new worlds are lit to story.

Is that torchlight in the cavern?

Are those colours a Bacon palette?

Are those veins throbbing on the walls?

Are those roots clinging triffid-life on the ceiling?

What lives hidden in the darkness unseen?

I tweet a story written with application.

I read:

'Everyone has a story to tell.'

Everyone has a story to tell?

This story comes from the void.

It comes from the shadows.

It demands to be written.

Please write it with me.

Alone, I am afraid what it will reveal.

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