Wednesday, August 31, 2016


It is quite bizarre how things almost don't happen.

I wasn't supposed to be writing this.

It is Amy Burvall's fault.


I have work to do.

It might not have happened.
I might not have noticed.
I did.

Her blog post:

Ephemerments: Transient Beauty Spliced with Sound.

caught my eye and sparked my imagination...aagh.

She clearly has nothing better to do than to notice.

God damn it.

She noticed light dancing, passing clouds, palms swaying, kite surfers surfing and then went and filmed what she saw.

Not content with that, she then went and spliced the images together with music and then...


She went and shared them on her blog.

I shouldn't have noticed it this morning on Facebook.

I really have better things to do.

I have lost another couple of hours to play.

How many bloody hours do I "lose" to play?

Light playing on a kitchen wall and I am stuck for hours.

Light playing on the sea surface and I have to go and change my avatar.

It's inattention, that's what it is.

I do concentrate, but not on the right things!

I probably need some sort of medication to make me more productive...

If it had been just the pretty images that Amy posted, I might have resisted the temptation.

Unfortunately, it was the sound spliced with the video which got me.

I went and dug up some more or less frequently used sound apps.

AudioCopy which I use all the time for sound recording.

Figure and ThumbJam for beats and music making.

I uploaded a series of images (which I used for a recent Apehazard blog post) to iMovie which works pretty seamlessly with AudioCopy/Figure/ThumbJam.

I uploaded the resulting sound/music to Soundcloud if any wants to play with it.

If you have some tracks I can play with let me know :-)

Cello track made with ThumbJam

Beats/sound made with Figure

Beats/sound made with Figure

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Thanks to Amy, I shall now be wasting more time on not just collaging images but sound.

She has gone and created another hashtag: #ephemerment.

I shall resist this distraction.

I have work to do.



  1. Priority inversion leads to beautiful diversions.

    1. That might be on an exceptionally good day :-)

      Most of the time priority inversions leads to lots of stress.

      I have never been very good at doing other than that so I shall just have to live with it - for better of worse :-)

  2. Simon, that's the problem with opening up the Internet door to peek at ideas shared by other people. Sometimes you get pulled into the room and spend time looking around or creating something new based on what you found in that room.

    It happens every day for those curious enough to look.

    A few weeks ago Terry Elliott and Kevin Hodgson invited me to look at an annotation platform called Now Comment. I did, which prompted me to post one of my concept maps for others to look at and help communicate. I posted another this week, which you can see at The link to the actual map is

    If you look at the actual map you'll see an animated version, where interns created their own version of the strategy map.

    After reading your article I invite you, or others, to put some of my maps to music, or to crate audio overlays, sharing your own understanding of the ideas on the maps, and how those ideas might be applied in different cities than Chicago.

    If you open that door....