Friday, February 21, 2014

Lost in translation.

That's all folks.

The final cut.

Last images of a dying art.

Well damn me!

I regret to inform you that I am now a casualty of progress.

Each year for the past twenty years at the turn of the year, I would say to myself:

 "That's the last year I am doing that short-film dubbing for the Festival de Court Metrages."  

A few days later, a leaflet would drop in the letter box with this year's poster, followed by the program.

It never took much persuasion, that wierd nostalgia for working under pressure kicked in. I would go and get this year's film list and... abracadabra! I was back in the translators' cabin again, staring blankly through darkened glass at the crowded audience down there (on a good night).

This year, everything happened as normal, the leaflet, the letter box and....

Then no news.

It has finally happened.

I am obsolete.

Those years of mastering multi-voice dubbing, the dim light, the fiddly controls of the headsets, the avant-garde directions, all for nothing. I am a throw-back to a golden age. I am a part of cinematic history. I am gone, ignored, forgotten.

No more shall I be credited in the festival program...

So now it is all wrapped up and done, I embrace the silent movies, the VHS, the DVD and I reflect: I was there, hidden far up behind a shadowy window, part of it all.

I love the movies.


  1. (A poetic comment taken from a line in your poem)

    I am obsolete:
    the last key to be clicked
    in the final poem to be written
    in the blog post never published
    in the space never created
    with a story I forgot to write

    until this day ... when I did find the key
    to write that poem
    on that blog
    in that space
    wrapped up in a story

    about connections.