Friday, February 21, 2014

Take it easy.

Take it easy.

They'll be fine with out you.

They were only waiting for you to leave. No one's irreplacable.

Take a walk. Admire the view. Lap up the peace.


Breathe in, feel the fatigue. Breathe out, sigh.

If it's worth doing, it will wait for you.

Time doesn't fly and nor do you, except when you take time to...

Lie down.

They are there.

They don't need you.

Make the most of it.



  1. Good advice, for all of us. Thanks, Simon.

  2. "No one is irreplacable", how true.. Many times, we assume, that if we did not do something right then, we would not be doing justice to someone - and, we miss to give ourselves the 'me' time - time to let our thoughts come to us slowly, time to just watch sunset / the waves quietly..