Monday, September 1, 2014

CCourses saves computer from sure death.

Participants of CCourses saved the life of an innocent computer this afternoon.  Its existence hung on a power thread after a frustrated blogger started issuing death-threats.

The computer was unable to syndicate his blog on a website which led to the unbalanced blogger showing signs of aggression.

Fortunately for the computer, the blogger was connected to Twitter and sent out a desperate message to the world for help. He was astonished at the hasty reply of a completely unknown (to him) CCourses community member David Hale () who immediately offered first aid and calmly assessed the situation.

After a quick diagnosis via the social network, the RSS code for the blog's syndication was found to be faulty.

David quickly asked for specialist assistance from fire-fighter Alan Levine alias  who came over in a jiffy to fix the puncutation.

In no time the blog was up and running on the Connected Course website.

Phew...That was a darn close thing!

Just goes to show ladies and gentlemen that there is no need to take hasty permanent solutions to tiny temporary problems.

Just get out a line for help, there's some really great, people out there to help you over a bad moment.

We went back to ask the computer for comment after its lucky escape. Unfortunately, it was taken up with processing another blog post for those Great #ccourse guys!

It did however accept to a quick snapshot for you our readers!

Let this be a lesson guys.

When you are stuck in a moment, never stay silent, just send out a message for help - a computer's life could depend on it. 

Stay connected guys, listen out for others in peril, you never know when that computer could be needing a helping hand.

Hurrah for David Hale! 
Hurrah for Alan Levine! 

Here's to you guys! 

You just saved a poor PC's life! 


  1. I am glad to hear death was averted, but more importantly, that we have you plugged into Connected Courses. The syndication stuff is both powerful and a tad messy, and thus requires some manual intervention.

    There are some that wish it were more automatic, but frankly, to me, the struggle to understand what is an RSS feed and where does one get it and why does it not work, leads to a better understanding conceptually then if it were all automated.

    But that is just me.

    1. @cogdog Ticker tape, Gandalf, Lazarus, and I. … #ccourses

  2. Simon Ensor: @Bali_Maha @cogdog @_daveh70 Oh Gawd. What's meta-? Metanewguytoday anyway. Learning accelerated #ccourses

  3. What, no cred for the angst-redux machine that we call an animated GIF? Watching George C. Scott take apart the computer reminds me of the printer trashing scene in Office Space:

    1. Let's curate technofear anger! Playlist Utube started! We will accompany that with stories, interviews and research studies