Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nothing very much.

Twenty seven seconds.

Twenty seven seconds.

It took twenty seven seconds of singing Happy Birthday and then it was done.

They thought nothing of it at the time.

Nothing much, they didn't do anything much.

By the time the twenty seconds had been tweeted around the world, it was already too late.

It was a pretty simple meme, nothing to write home about.

It was sufficient to make a message clear.

They were not alone in the room.

There was a wider meaning to their actions.

They had had an effect on a real person.

They had done something with their time.

There were tears in their eyes as they listened to the heart-sang reply.

Extraordinary how such a simple meme can move people to tears.

Thank you Maha.

Thank you Kevin.

Thank you Terry

They now know others care about them.

Twenty seven seconds is nothing.

Twenty seven seconds is all it takes to change someone's life.

Thank you Maxime. 

Thank you is a powerful meme.

This is just the beginning.


  1. goose bumps and tears and warm all over reading this. Hugs and kisses to your lovely students. This has been officially the longest-bday-celebration I've ever had :)) And all the more touching for the cyberspace-ness and third-discourse-ness of it all :)

    1. thank you Maha. u make me feel happy. what is third-discourse(ness)?

  2. Beautiful post, as ever.

    I love reading your blog - the way you use the physical space is striking, as are the words.

    Every time.

    1. @heloukee u lot are a stream of inspiration thank u.

  3. Replies
    1. Susan. Your comment on #Key post is staple reading for my students, they are in shock
      at the immediacy of your world. I would really like us to
      work together at writing new stories. Some of them see the connection between their stories and yours. I haven't even showed them the zeega yet.

    2. I just read your last post. It will be staple reading for my students.