Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Nature regains ground.

There is both loss and hope encapsulated in this image.

A factory gradually disintegrates.

Nature reclaims ground lost to industrialisation.

Setting our scene.

It is dark in the early morning, I couldn't sleep.

I am caught between night and mourning light.

Desolation and disorientation

There is a work-place that we have known with its reassuring certainty, clearly defined roles.

There is a ruin, that we are propping up, despite an uncontrollable erosion of its very foundations.

Nature regains ground.

There are faint signs of greenery pushing up between the cracks.

Loss and hope.

For some of us, there is only desolation in this scene.

For some of us, there is an impression of being at a loss.

For some of us, there is only a desire to return to order.

For some of us, there are grounds for hope.


I can imagine the hustle and bustle in the workshop.

I can imagine the tea-lady doing her rounds.

I can hear the banter around the clocking on clock.

I can glimpse the neatly stacked ledgers each one in its place.

I can hear the voices of supervisors each one busying his work-team.

Worrying complexity of nature

Where there was order, well-oiled machine-like activity, there is absence.

Where there was production line, there is an eery void.

There is a ghost-like quality to the space.

Organic growth appears unbidden, unordered, chaotic.

Retraining our eyes.

We are so unused to nature.

We are so used to cutting it down.

We are so used to making it into manageable shapes.

We were skilled at enclosure.

We are so ill-equipped for openness.


  1. I like it, it makes me happy to see nature re-emerge.

    1. The difficulty is that many people only see weeds.