Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Give me money.

Am I the fairest of them all?

When shall I be famous?

Who's cute?

Look at me. Don't look at her/him. 

We are all in this together.

Looks aren't important. Money isn't important.

We are the world.  We are working for a better world. We are the Care Bears.



What we need is not competition it is more cooperation.

Oh Ya Right.

Can I win at the cooperation game?

The generation game

We were invited to a barbecue in Manchester.

The family was the most politically right on family one could imagine meeting.

The parents lived in adjoining houses, they had separated harmoniously, they remained closest cosiest neighbours for the kids.

They had opened up a door between the two houses in the attic so that the kids could go from one house to the other seamlessly.

I learnt that competition in their kids' schooling was  discouraged.

I loved the vegan barbecue.

I have never in my life met a more obnoxiously competitive kid in my life than their elder son.

He refused to lose at cricket, he refused to lose at eye spy with my little eye,.

He refused to be served with quiche, crisps, a cake he didn't want. He hit his little sister.

When I think of the word BRAT he outBRATs John McEnroe hands down in my BRAT pack of BRATicons.


"You can not be serious maan."

Child, teacher, student takes/seizes/grabs [select appropriate term] tennis racket, text book, or other object and slams it down on the table, grass, ground, head of brother.

I just thought that I would play Devil's Advocate for a while. I enjoy that playing Devil's Advocate. It is a fun game.

Co-learning Devil

Kids don't want to learn together, sure they might want to learn on their own in their playing but what they want more than anything is to win love, attention, money.

Most teachers don't become teachers because it is their dream job.

They become teachers because they feel secure in continuing in school, a place where they understand the rules and want to become teacher in a School Pantomime.  They are the ones who stand in front of the classroom and take attendance.

They pretend they are not teaching for the long holidays and to be able to look after the kids.

Most kids don't want to learn at school, they are not curious.

Kids want to be like blasé big brothers/sisters/fathers/mothers/football players/gangsters.

They want to play on their Nintendos and not to tidy their bedrooms.



HA, HA, HA. 


Just give us more play-time and top marks to please the parents.  

Have you seen my cool new ..............................
[complete blank]

I have better marks, a better job, a better life, a better car than .....[you, him, her, them]
[choose appropriate]






  1. Wow, you are great at being devil's advocate. That was so convincing that on a sour day I might almost believe it. But then I would wither.

    1. Thanks. I am sometimes less convincing at not being devil's advocate :-)

  2. Exactly. That is where I start playing.

  3. Just another brick in the wall.

    But not.

    Even in the basement, we make trails for Matchbox cars and build mini-cities and paint abstractions on the walls. Plus Legos. And dragons.

    I ordered storm doors this week. The guy who came to measure said I didn't need storm doors, I needed new DOOR doors, because mine were Not Good Enough. Well, and neither are my crappy storm doors. Please give me $1500. Sorry, I don't have it. Use a credit card. I don't have credit cards; I don't believe in them. Well. Where does that put us?

    I have a crappy door inferiority complex. So I came home and had a beer.

    Some of what you say is true.