Thursday, November 27, 2014

Stolen words.

I don't feel as if the ground is shifting
Here, it is morning. The house is dark. 

The kids are sleeping. 

My older son has friends over, so there are five 16 year old boys in the next room. 

The dog got walked and is now curled up asleep. 

Snow fell all day yesterday, 

The shadows of the moon are flickering across trees weighed down by heavy snow. 

I heard a tree branch crack and fall a few minutes ago.

And I am writing to you, elsewhere in the world...

I feel calm in doing it. 

My mind and my thoughts are both here with me, there with you...

And falling into this page with very little plan for what I want to write about. 

Yet, I don't feel disjointed by that

We are our Audience. 

We make sense of it, more or less.

Groundshifting written by @dogtrax 

We are our audience.