Friday, November 28, 2014

No maps for these territories.

Even nonsense once expressed is no longer nonsense.

No Maps for These Territories
I remember going by bus from New York to Las Vegas
 I had forgotten I wanted to write.

No Maps for These Territories

 I wanted to write nothing this morning,
  It's been a few days now, 
 I listened again to the remix,
 Words stole away from the page

No Maps for These Territories  

A stream of words spoke to me through the static.
 They needed to be slowed down.
 Then an image came to me...

No Maps for These Territories

They are here in the next room.
I have sort of ignored their call for help

I may or may not bother to go back

Maybe I will ...

I feel there is danger here.
I just have to ignore them.
What do you think?

a irhizo-collage of 
@dogtrax @telliowkuwp @sensor63


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