Sunday, February 23, 2014

Standing on the sure...(tidings for @dogtrax #rhizo14)

We are on well tread ground,

Our words in huis clos.

We feel our art in static sound,

As page feeds furtive flow.

Notes drum our door waiting for attention.

Rhymes plumb our paths seeking some intention.

"Who my friend do these belong to?

You know not? I have no clue."

Disembodied verse clicks connection for a while,

Drawling pebble wash on my wall,

Coaxing rythmic chorus to recall.

Disenchanted text pitter patters without guile.

Standing solely on the sure...

Some signs may break your rolling stride,

As distant echoes lie chaotically aside.

Clasp our shells to your ear and listen to their roar.

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