Thursday, August 12, 2021

Touches of light, preciously preserved.

A page escapes to leafy paths.

An instant of communion with a Cézanne.

A5 sketchpad, framing expression of infinite dimensions.

Kilometres becoming scaled in centimetres.
Touches of light preciously preserved.

Unfocused focus washing weariness away.

Ephemera rendered eternal.

Taking a moment to contemplate.
Pause, gaze, breathe in, remember.
Moving, losing sight, feeling loss.

That moment.
That minutiae.

Words tramp through grass like Wellington Boots.
Stop stomping around.

Present movement moments evaporate.

Fine edge, broad sweep, fanned lines.

Found in nature. 
Lost in flow.
Time absent in presence.

Touches of light preciously preserved.


Thursday, June 17, 2021

Playgrounds 4 Anger.


Kids will see-saw.

See-saw-seen. Irregular verbs. 

Saw I II III. 

WTF are we here 4?

TEXT BOOK horror 

Franchises Disenfranchise!




WE don’t need NO EDUCATION. 

Kids still see-saw

Walls will be gamed

Kills will be famed.


WTF are we here 4?

Are we just another brick?


Hit the bars.

The rounds on me.

school walls, school boards, 

hands up, put your hands up,

just one more round?

don’t mind if I do.



long term attention hold-ups, 

who’s the hostages?

while those kids nap.

high stakes stakeholders test,

randomised roulette,

roll the loaded dice,

make a loan

debt 4 life

short term contracts,

insecurity? weaponised.

bite the bullet

security standards 

 prisons or schools?

Public service? Announcement.

KNOW your (copy)RIGHTS?

knowledge locked behind paywalls…

So I researched 

and found...


What is the point of research if it is hardly read, especially by those it affects the most?