Thursday, August 12, 2021

Touches of light, preciously preserved.

A page escapes to leafy paths.

An instant of communion with a Cézanne.

A5 sketchpad, framing expression of infinite dimensions.

Kilometres becoming scaled in centimetres.
Touches of light preciously preserved.

Unfocused focus washing weariness away.

Ephemera rendered eternal.

Taking a moment to contemplate.
Pause, gaze, breathe in, remember.
Moving, losing sight, feeling loss.

That moment.
That minutiae.

Words tramp through grass like Wellington Boots.
Stop stomping around.

Present movement moments evaporate.

Fine edge, broad sweep, fanned lines.

Found in nature. 
Lost in flow.
Time absent in presence.

Touches of light preciously preserved.



  1. Hi Simon. I saw your Tweet about "trim tabs" and I'm still not clear on the meaning.

    However, sharing your art on this blog, then pointing to it via social media, are steps needed to preserve what you've created. As others point to it from their own blogs, libraries and posts, the Touches of Light will be preserved for future viewers.

    1. I don’t worry myself too much about meaning.

  2. The world, the sensorium, the quotidien is the flow around you.
    Your skill in pushing back, in filtering, in directing the flow. Your artistic choices, thousands of trim tabs pushing your work toward....what? Meaning? Feeling? For me the initial morning trim tab is to meet the flow of resistance to the work and push some of it onto the page. That is what I call my muse.

    1. I don’t feel resistance like I did before. I think it’s the result of psychoanalysis that opened the floodgates and let me be. I used to have my head full of noisy judgements, arguments why I shouldn’t just be or shouldn’t just do. Now I just do. I feel at peace.

    2. “Don't move. A sublime generosity is coming toward you.” I quote this Rumi wisdom as often as I can, but I rarely follow it up with the other half of it, " And old love said, “Stay with me.” I said, “I will.”.

      I remember more than once quoting Candide to you. I trust this is the garden you are cultivating.

  3. 'Stop stomping around'
    I need to remind myself of this often. I sometimes need to remind others to stop stomping me as well. These precious times of observation and 'being'....that's what I feel in these strokes. Thanks for sharing.