Friday, September 12, 2014

Dawn augurs well.

Dawn rises.

Awake to complexity of silence.

Stay dumb, stay mute, stay still.

No words.

No words, my friends.

We await our moment to spark.

Peaks glower down our feeble flailings

Hearts bound in awe.

No words, no words.

No words, my friends.

Catching breath, we chance a step.

Stumble up.
Stumble on.
Glance down.


Aghast, we glimpse our lofty drop,

Take purchase on our ledge of trust.

No words. 

No words, my friends

First calls of blackbird.

His light-hearted trill chirps our spirits.

Seize on song and take courage.

Hear well, hear well my friends,

Light breeze flaps on canvas.

Mountain-sides rise up through swirling mist.

Sheep call afar... Sheep call afar.

No words 
No words, no words my friends.

Dew-wept leaves caress our skin.

Standing tall, we shudder two feet from drear edge.

Our hearts bound in awe.

Hear well, hear well my friends.

Rooster breaks static in valley below.

Rock props shaking hand.

We are safe in silence.


Stars resist darkness still above.

We are now horizon drawn.

First light rising, we stand in hope.

Glimmers of fire stretching in shadow.


Listen up, listen up to life streaming on.

Up above, but not yet far,

Its trickle a joyful brook.

Shhhh and breathe.

Peat perfumed air fills our lungs.

Breathe, breathe, breathe in air.

No words.

No words my friends.

We are together, we are alone.


Our dawn augurs well.

For Terry and Keith


  1. For you, my friend:

  2. Kevin's multidimensional connectivity or what we called in our younger years--sharing. We connect naturally, let the multidimensionality sort itself out (although it is rare for an eight syllable centipede of a word like that to come so skippingly off the tongue).

  3. Hope you three enjoy 2018 and continue to combine your talents and thoughts in unexpected journeys.