Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Saved from the bin.

My precious, my precious, my precious.

Post prologue.

It was lying in a drawer amongst the jumble of other posts. 

It was marked draft. 

I had just deleted two other insignificant (to my eyes) drafts. 

For reasons that remain to be seen, these rough notes remained. 

It was unfinished.

I cut out a bit about Blackpool Tower which had gone on to be another post. 

I cut out bits which made even less sense than the rest. 

It was a curiosity.

It was like an object which I pick up in a tip and put on the window sill.

I thought to myself, 

"Why don't I just publish it and let it fend for itself? Somebody might help me make some sense of it. They might help me remember what it was all about. If it was important enough to start writing about then, it's important enough to save the scraps from the tip now. It will save me time later..."

So here is what was left on the edge of the blog bin:

Property is theft
It suddenly came to me to write this post. 

I claim ownership. 
I claim authorship.

I am the owner, the lone author. 


It all started with a fork...


"A fork?" I hear you say.

Yes I have been hearing a lot about forks recently. 

Then there was a bunch of people going on about a forking Fedwikihappeningthingy affair.

Back references
[Mike Caulfield]

"A what?" 

Frankly I don't really have a clue about it.

I browsed a post of Alan Levine, then another of John Udell

I clicked around a bit, it looked complicated, I left it in a corner of my head with a large question mark. 

A large question mark?

As usual when I started writing, I didn't have a clue where I was being led.

A fork

Now where will this lead? 

A large question mark?

I read a tweet from my friend Kevin Hodgson.

We had been playing around remixing, rejigging and recording. 

I suddenly felt an urge to speak his words.

I first included words from a comment to the blog post Cub clothing, conjugation, correction and community.

Then I just concentrated on the text of the tweet.

I recorded a first version.

Then I recorded a second version.

Which version of which recording sparked Kevin to respond?

Linguistic Archaelogy.

She was my age. She spoke English like a film-star from the 1950's.

Her cultural references were virtually all Italian.

It was a strange experience.

I suppose she was speaking the language like I would have done if I had never had internet or satellite TV.

Kids Drawing

This post is losing me. I am feeling confused. It is like looking at a child's drawing.

There are identifiable elements but as a whole it doesn't seem to stick together.

I shall take a few steps back to reflect.

How do I react when I am confronted by old drawings of mine or of my children which pop up in a drawer?

What do they mean to me now?

Why do I decide to save the scraps?

What does it mean to finish a drawing?

A few steps back.

I was once asked, "How old are you?"

I replied, "I am 52 and all the ages before."

I throw a few numbers down on the page to give myself some semblance of order.

1) Attribution and Tagging

Attribution and tagging of media elements appears here to be less about giving people recognition for individual creation than giving individuals or individual groups the possibility to identify, repurpose, reinvent, new combinations of elements.

2) Authorship. Ownership.

Why did I write this?

Did I write this?

If I hear Kevin's voice in a tweet and then record it with my voice, who does the voice belong to?

Does belonging count?

3) Confusing diversity

Is this a blog post? Is this a tweet? Is this a podcast?

Does it matter?

Will it make any sense?

Does it matter?

Post Script

Maybe this will prevent me deleting drafts?
When is a draft not a draft?

Image credits:

Smeagol http://lotrgifs.tumblr.com/post/1276777005/smeagol-my-precious

Kids drawing http://www.torange.us/Fashion-and-beauty/childrens-art-and-craft/Formula-1-Children-drawing-18706.html#

Question mark

Fork https://www.flickr.com/photos/ejpphoto/2314610838/

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