Friday, October 23, 2015

Carving out time

Jazz is fed up with driving to Dunkerque.

He's gone to seek refuge at the back of the car. 

I have my hands free.

So how do I carve out time to write?


I am constantly making notes.


I am relaxed in this space.

I am not writing to form, to format, to deadline. 

This is a space of freedom.

I can travel.

I can time travel.

I can take Barbie's dress and put it on Action Man.

I can make Hermes fly Virgin.

How do I carve out time?

I started by ordering my work so I could, so we could function, so that time wasn't stuffed with stuff.

I stopped all time consuming nonsense like photocopying and most meetings.

I have classes which are learner centred. Sometimes I write during classes - while the other learners are busy writing. 

I write before classes after taking the kids to school.

I write while doing the cooking (on phone)

I write while watching TV.

Sometimes I write in the middle of the night. I wake up and have to write (it's a bit like the urge to go to the toilet/loo/washroom/bathroom/John/lavatory/ but worse - it takes longer.

Sometimes I write in the car.

He takes a photo to prove it. 

Sometimes I don't write at all.

I never NEVER EVER think I should write.

I hate should.

I don't think too much unless I am writing thinking stuff, academic stuff, stuff which must be aimed at a particular audience.

You see.

You (blind faith) are my reader.

YOU read this nonsense. 

YOU respond.


Thank you.


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