Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bric à Brac.


I was reading a post of Kevin Hodgson which explained why he blogs. 

There was a line which resonanted: "I let myself surprise myself."

I thought that I might want to write a "why do I blog article" but I soon got bored with the idea.

That probably says something about why I blog...or how I blog.

I was curious how a mashup of past blog titles might turn out, particularly if I kept the links.

I was curious how this web of links might connect themes/formats through the titles.

I wonder what a mashup of other bloggers' titles would reveal...

I wonder what posts people would write if they stole these lines...titles.

1 comment:

  1. My heart's metronome
    in time with the beat
    of the world ...
    this field of sound merely
    soft murmurs
    as I dip my ear to the ground
    to listen
    to hear
    to wonder
    to love
    and to know now that somewhere
    beyond me,
    the pace quickens to meet mine:
    silenced voices, merging.