Wednesday, July 13, 2016



No I shall not.


But it shall.


I shall not...


I shall...


I shall...


verb: keep; 3rd person present: keeps; past tense: kept; past participle: kept; gerund or present participle: keeping
  1. 1.
    have or retain possession of.
    "my father would keep the best for himself"
    • retain or reserve for future use.
      "return one copy to me, keeping the other for your files"
      synonyms:retain, hold on to, keep for oneself, retain possession of, keep possession of,retain in one's possession, keep hold of, not part with, hold fast to, hold back;More
    • put or store in a regular place.
      synonyms:storehousestow, keep a place for, put away, placeputdepositstackpile
      "the stand where her umbrella was kept"

  2. 2.
    continue or cause to continue in a specified condition, position, course, etc.
    "I kept quiet while Emily talked on"
    synonyms:remain, continue to be, stay, carry on being, go on being, persist in being, not cease to be
    "I was trying desperately to keep calm"

    • continue doing or do repeatedly.
      "he keeps going on about the murder"
      synonyms:persist in, go on, keep on, carry on, continue, do something constantly, do something incessantly, do something continually, not stop doing something,persevere
      "he keeps going on about the murder"

    • (of a perishable commodity) remain in good condition.
      "hominy will keep almost indefinitely without spoilage"
    • retain one's place in or on (a seat or saddle, the ground, etc.) in spite of difficulty.
      "can you keep your saddle, or shall I carry you on a pillion?"
      be in a specified state of health.
      "he had not been keeping well"
    • cause to be late; delay.
      "I won't keep you, I know you've got a busy evening"
      synonyms:detain, cause to stay, cause to wait, keep waiting, keep back, hold back, restrain;More
    • make (someone) do something for a period of time.
      "I have kept her waiting too long"
    • archaic
      continue to follow (a path or course).
      "the soldiers removed, keeping their course towards Jericho"
  3. 3.
    provide for the sustenance of (someone).
    "he had to keep his large family in the manner he had chosen"
    synonyms:provide for, support, provide food for, provide sustenance for, provide board for,feed, keep alive, maintainsustainsubsidizefinanceMore
  4. 4.
    honour or fulfil (a commitment or undertaking).
    "I'll keep my promise, naturally"
    synonyms:comply with, obeyrespectobserve, conform to, abide by, stick to, act in accordance with, act according to, have regard to, heedfollow, pay attention to,defer to, take notice of; More
  5. 5.
    make written entries in (a diary) on a regular basis.
    "the master kept a weekly journal"
noun: keep; plural noun: keeps
  1. 1.
    food, clothes, and other essentials for living.
    "the Society are paying for your keep"
    synonyms:maintenanceupkeepsupportsustenancesubsistenceboard, board and lodging, foodnourishmentnurtureMore
    • the cost of the essentials for living.
  2. 2.
    charge; control.
    "if from shepherd's keep a lamb strayed far"
  3. 3.
    the strongest or central tower of a castle, acting as a final refuge.
late Old English cēpan ‘seize, take in’, also ‘care for, attend to’, of unknown origin.


  1. Hi Simon. Is there a focus for this perseverance? A general goal? A single issue? A desire to be heard? To be relevant? Carry on!

    1. Not so much a desire to be heard but a desire to tie a knot for future reference.