Sunday, November 27, 2016

No child left behind.

The successful outcomes benefit from sophisticated monitoring and advanced data analysis, a continuous stream of the latest intelligence, distant human piloting and decisive engagement.

No child left behind.

The board meets to congratulate themselves on yet another successful year.

Training budgets for apprentices are up.

Local schools are flourishing.

Unemployment is at a new low.

Faith in freedom is reborn.

The president cuts the ribbon for a new line.

The people come to wave their flags and cheer.

No child left behind.

I watched as the young people around me froze.

A deathly silence fell upon us.

The camera moved around the room.

Chairs and tables had been overturned.

People seemed as if suspended in the air.

All activity stopped.

Nobody was laughing now.

No child left behind.

I looked at the data in the spreadsheet.

1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.

It was marvellous news.

I tweeted to my colleagues in the UK.

The students seemed to be engaged with their distant correspondents.

Isn't this what we call "a global classroom"?

Don't we need a [global] "village to educate a child"?

No child left behind.

I concentrated my energy on the person behind the zero.

He was a high level sportsman..

That was what explained the zero.

Column 5 - Date.

Column 6 - 1 for presence 0 for absence.

He had done the work.

I didn't have a trace.

Fantasies fill the void.

"He's not interested in my classes."

"He's doesn't care about my subject."

"I am the One with power."

"Zero! He's worth zero."

Fantasies fill the void.

Dialogue 1 - 1 was facilitated by the tools.

Dialogue 1 - 1 helped us to build respect.

Dialogue 1 - 1 moved us to another place.

No child left behind.

Tools extend our reach.

Maps extend our reach.

Words extend our reach.

I look at the blog statistics.

"Touches of sense..."

142, 000 hits.

No child left behind.

Ronald reminded me.

@sensor63 Searching for children of Native Americans and aboriginals to bring them to the institutions to take their own culture out of them
— Ronald_2008 (@ronald_2008) November 27, 2016

I watched the video again.

No child left behind.

I did a search for Australia.

Education down under is nothing if not inclusive.

I watched Walkabout on Youtube with an English rose.

I watched the test match.

We won the ashes.

No child left behind.

"I reconciled myself to separation."

We learnt about 1066 and all that.

Shall we ever venture into  "Noman's land."?

We learnt to march.

We learnt to drill.

We learnt to bat.

We did "Target Practice."

Teachers inspired us.

Teachers abused us.

Teachers thrashed us "Behind closed doors."

We escaped an instant the day of the deluge.

No child left behind.

We have a common core, a common culture.

Standards are kept.

Competition is fierce.

Money speaks.

Scores cards are tallied.

Numbers never lie.

No child left behind.

I read Terry's post.

I listen to the song.

"Road to nowhere."

I tweet a response.

I see Kevin's response.

That gets me thinking.

Fantasy fills the void.

I think back to Kevin's tweet.

"We are on the road to somewhere...."

I think back to the spreadsheet.

No child left behind.

"We are on the road to somewhere..."

No child left behind.

I think back to the spreadsheet.

I think of all those zeros...all those ones.

At times, I despair.

"I do not think words alone will solve humanity's present problems. The sound of bombs drowns out men's voices. In times of peace I have great faith in the communication of ideas among thinking men, but today, with brute force dominating so many millions of lives, I fear that the appeal to man's intellect is fast becoming virtually meaningless."

Albert Einstein.

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