Saturday, September 30, 2017

An unexpected present.

The present appeared in a tweet from Kentucky.

When I say "the present", I mean that as an antonym of "the absent".

I have a book on my Kindle.

"The attention merchants" by Tim Wu.

I have not taken the time to read it yet.

Amazon cares not.

Amazon counts my clicked clientele.

Twitter cares not.

Educauses care for what?

Those who are "resident" on social media.

Are they really "present"?

Are they really "present" for you?

Are they really only present for your clicked clientele, your likes, your retweets, your plus ones, your node, your gold in their death star?

If I ask these questions, it is because I am sure that we are unable to be really present for others unless we risk leaving a part of ourselves here.

Will we accept being bait for their hooks?

I use the word "they" for those who would deny others lives and cultures respect.

Les absents ont toujours tort.

Charles Perry

Bloody Gold; the California Gold Rush and state sponsored genocide

100,000 California Indians killed during Gold Rush genocide

The absent (minded) are always wrong...

The present appeared in a tweet from Kentucky.

When I say "the present", I mean that as an antonym of "the absent".

I am humbled by Terry's and others' presence of mind, of the care and the attention that he, that they  show.

I sit down and type out my act of defiance in this alienating wilderness.

The lines, the between the lines are traced and transformed by acts of generosity which make me feel appreciated for whatever I am.

And then I see other tweets

And I feel drawn to those human connections.

And I feel drawn by those human connections.

And I go and turn my thumbs, and look and think.

And then those human connections become

 And that emotional weft which binds us becomes tighter.

Thank you my friends.

This is my present for you.


  1. Your presence is a most wonderful present.

  2. Complexity. Emerging. At last. I have begun a Vialogue, just begun it, here:

  3. I enjoyed both videos and appreciate that Terry put Simon's on Vialogue for myself and others to add comments.