Sunday, January 27, 2019

Long drawn out...

Long drawn out...

This is the longest period of continual drawing, painting, that I have done in my life.

OK, I must have done regular art classes at school, I kept bits and pieces.

But there was nothing much to show for all that time spent so long ago.

Only a draw....a calling...long ignored.

For 40 years:

I would turn out one or two scraps.

Then I would busy myself with all the other life stuff that called me to action or inaction:

  • Running
  • Climbing
  • Traveling
  • Exploring family history
  • Acting
  • Exploring work
  • Exploring Relationships
  • Doing Psychoanalysis
  • Raising children
  • Grieving
  • Networking online
  • Exploring tech
  • Teaching
  • Writing
  • Researching
  • Ageing

The list goes on, and on and on and on....

I am not board yet.


Regular blogging, connected learning, turned my hand to writing, creating, stuff....with friends.

It is, it has been an ongoing mapping process.

Often I would come back to drawing...then do.


I have had blogging sprees, averaging 10 posts a month.

2014 - 124 posts
2015 - 120 posts
2016 - 120 posts

Then the reflection on education and associated MOOCS has slown down...with my hope.

2017 - 60 posts
2018 - 30 posts

Along the way I have found the sound of my voices, how my writing sounds.

I know now how it sounds when I write. 

Creating stuff with or alongside friends remains a constant.

They are sounding boards.

In psychoanalysis the wall was my sounding board.

I find the image I had uploaded to illustrate...


has disappeared.

I find myself enjoying writing this....


Perhaps for...


I find a subject to objective.

I find an 



So now I am looking back on months of constant practice.

How many months now? 

Six months.


I count the tags back.


Of course there were shorter sprees before.

I count the tags back.


They were spent largely larking around with apps.

I find myself creating images now which apps won't do anything for.

Nothing more is to be done with them.

They stand alone.

I suppose somehow, they are the ones I feel closest to...




  1. I am loving watching your art develop :)

    1. Thank you for taking your time to watch and accompany whatever is going on :-)

  2. Your art is always beautiful, evocative, inviting ... and the act of taking time with your art -- of the deep dive -- yes, that is something we can aspire to. I've commented elsewhere, too, with this found poem from your post:

    This drawn out art

    on paper -

    No app will do -

    I am sounding write,

    right now -

    Bits and pieces

    connected, illustrated:


    1. Thank you Kevin. Our conversations have moved on since this moment...

      Write now.


  3. Superbe, Simon. Ton art est toujours évocateur, je l'adore!

  4. 'Reflection / slowed down / with my hope'
    Hope can be quick and powerful and then subside. Laying low but always there. Hope can prop us up when nothing else makes sense. We can't share our hope. I have gratitude for times when hope has been strengthened.

    (I picture in my mind, your images, with a reflection added (Lunapic?) and it is in slo-mo....leaking slowly off the pages. Having absolutely no impact on the originals that must be displayed in a well worn book. I don't have the energy today, to battle the apps, so this description is my sharing of hope.)

  5. Sometimes « hope » seems inappropriate for what I feel, not feel even, sense... it’s something approaching « resistance ».