Sunday, October 12, 2014

Playing away.

There are days like this.

The washing up is piling up.

The dish-washer has gone RIP.

One plate is left and the ladle.

Out of fashion victim

The last shirt in the closet is the one you wished you'd thrown away in the 90's.

You really loved that shirt.

That is so sad.

It was groovy then.


The car battery has lost all charge.

It's raining.

The jump cables won't leap so far.

Festive road.

The people in the street have lost all will to live.

They had to walk to work.

The jump cables weren't long enough.

They are all wearing your shirt from the 80's

They look embarrassed.

You feel their pain.

They look groovy.

Economic crisis

The tax-form just arrived.


The tax-form arrived two months ago.

You'll be making an extra effort for the state this time.

That will make the people in the street smile.

Will they give you back that shirt?


The kitten is climbing the curtains.

The kitten is climbing the new curtains.

Amazingly sharp little claws make little holes.

You love net curtains.

You can catch kittens.

Black dog

Churchill talked about a Black Dog.

He was wrong you don't have a black dog

The Tibetan spaniel puppy is pulling at the curtains.

The kitten is clawing on for dear life.

Nature is so beautiful.

The curtains were so beautiful.

Oh! Curtains beyond repair!

Despair ad infinitum!

There are days like this.

It all piles up.

You forgot to mention the piles.


It only took a well-aimed punch-line to bring you to your senses.

"If you lose a sense of play, you have lost, nearly it all."


There are days like this.

They are a joke.

They are the straight man in a pile-up comedy.

Play them away.

Have the last laugh.




  2. Simon, yes, play, always play. None of it is important. I have some curtains that are now piles of kitten art, as well as furniture that is now but Huge Cat Bed. I have given up on nice things, but have lots of fun things. I have your shirt, will send via airmail.