Monday, February 9, 2015

Divine intervention?

"Dear God, who art in heaven, please show me a sign that you exist."

I believe that we are all in for a fall.

I believe that all will end one day.

I was taught to pray very young.
I went to church very young.
I was sent to Sunday School very young.

I was born to be a believer.

I am not.

As a child, I was variously accused of being
  • an 'unbeliever'
  • 'ungracious'
  • 'possessed'

I was left with the impression that I must live on a different planet.

Unfortunately, I have to face facts, we appear to live on the same planet.

I am fortunate that I was able to maintain contact with people who did believe.

I am curious.

It takes all sorts...

I remember a friend of mine who feared to unbelieve as he had been warned that he would be cut off from his family.

That is power for you.

I am not a believer in religion or God or gods.

I admit that talk of

"Divine authority."

makes me very anxious.

"Divine authority" is a short step to "Divine right.'

That is power for you.

Varying interpretations of  "Divine authority" have been used in justifications for all sorts of discrimination, injustice, persecution, massacre.

I don't believe in discrimination, injustice, persecution or massacre.

I believe that people's experience of what they term 'spirituality'  has been constantly hijacked by organised religions which serve the interests of those in power.

Theological discussions are those of communities engaged in a struggle for power.

I believe that it is impossible to separate religion from prevailing forces of authority.

I went to an anarchist meeting once.

I was attracted to anarchy.

I was left with the memory of anarchists struggling for power.

That is power for you.

I am not an anarchist.

I am not sure what I am.

I am not sure that I care.

I don't have many illusions.

I don't have many disillusions.

I believe that people who believe that they know something more than the rest of us are potentially dangerous for the rest of us.

I believe that I know very little.

I do believe that people can learn to behave better to each other.

I believe that education can help.

I don't believe in miracles.

"Maybe God inspired me to write this?"

 Apparently, he/she/it/they works in mysterious ways.

I don't believe that.


  1. How is it that i agree with most of what u say?
    Tho i don't think spirituality is hijackable coz it is so internal and personal

    In reading(skimming only) the the texts on anarchy they felt too traditional - too many shoulds and musts, including that we must question anarchy itself. No way out of these contradictions are there?

    1. Hi Maha, expressions of spirituality in the Bible, Koran, etc etc, are most definitely hijackable.

      As soon as you put stuff in a book and people want you to live by it (their interpretation of it) then we are in for trouble...

      Particularly when the aforesaid book is full of instructions, punishments etc.

    2. Religious texts are for me a bit like your experience of anarchy texts Maha, I shall quote you:

      "they felt too traditional - too many shoulds and musts,"

      I could go further than that but I shall not.