Thursday, October 6, 2016



A crudely drawn scribble, frankly I have never quite given up on the child who would spend hours making bold statements on a page. 

Strange really, I could easily find the means to make clear lines, to adhere to the suprareal. I could just take a bloody photo, and retouch it with an application, to smooth away the wrinkles. 

No! I refuse to give up on the child - even to my children.   

I found a moment between things and started scratching away on the Paper 53 application on my iPhone. My fingers were too large for the screen, I felt like Gulliver in Liliput. After a short while,  I was rather surprised to find myself confronted by a brute in armour. He was staring out at something in the distance. 

Is he a Saracen, a Crusader? 

I know not.  I am not quite sure if the castle behind is on fire or set in colourful forest, either. 

No matter. It is the ambiguity which gives me space to dream.  

However dense the scribble, clear forms emerge.  

I have found a new restrictive playground, for all our playgrounds have their limits...

I messed around with the possibility to combine drawing and photo. 

These are early days, I have no idea where that game might lead.

I played around for about three quarters of an hour and put the sketchy results in a Steller folder.

The images inspired me to play with sound. 

I hopped off to one of my new favourite activities, Thumbjamming. 

I shall continue with this toing and froing from image to music and back.

I am beginning to really enjoy it.


  1. Pure play is an infinite game. Happy to see you dusting about in your sandbox. Messy, yes? Fun, no? Yes.

  2. I am happy to find you here.