Monday, November 16, 2015


Pride is not a word that I use often.

I was proud of the students today...

I was evaluating their research projects which they were presenting without notes to read.

It was not easy for them.

They, for the most part, overcame their fear.

It was a start, it was more than a start.

They were courageous.

I learnt from them.
They made me think.
They made me want to know more.
I listened to them for six hours.
The day went by in a flash.

I was proud of the students today...

I asked them to share their work, their reflection on their learning with others.

I explained to them that it might be of help to others.

They seemed to understand the message.

I was proud of the students today...

I challenged a group of them to share their learning in a blog.

Some of them really have to struggle to write their thoughts in English.

They have had so little practice, for the most part, to write for others...

They have had so little practice, for the most part, to receive the encouragement of others...

I was proud of the students today...

I showed one of them a blog post in French by one of their peers written on Saturday the 14th November.

It was entitled: Ce matin.

I had told them, how it had moved me, how it had moved others, how it had moved others to write.

I showed it to one student.

He looked at it.

I didn't see him after.

A while later he sent me a tweet.

It was short and to the point.

I read his post, in French, and I was moved once more.

It was entitled: L'homme libre.

I went back and went through the other blog posts in my RSS reader.

I gathered them together in a collection here.

View my Flipboard Magazine.

I don't know if there will be more.

I don't know if others will have the courage.

It is a start.

It is more than a start.

I was proud of the students this morning...

That I can say that gives me hope.

These people have things to say.

We must listen more often.


  1. Well done on encouraging your students to give themselves a voice to express their thoughts and feelings during these challenging times.

    1. Thanks Tanya. It has been a tough few days...

  2. Writing, our companion in times of pain and pleasure. Maxime's was heart-wrenching.