Monday, November 2, 2015

What the hell is digital writing anyway?

So "Digital Writing Month" #digiwrimo has been going on for two days now officially and I find myself spending a fair amount of my time writing by hand.

I spent Sunday afternoon writing with a pen that I found hidden in one of my bags, scanning existing typed and drawn artefacts from files on my shelves and printing them out on paper.

All of this 'hybrid activity' stems from a question that I have been asking: "What the hell is digital writing anyway?"

I can see evidence of this in a serious of tweets that I sent, or retweeted.

And tweets that I favourited:

This connects with work that I had been doing earlier in the year with the question of freedom in this post:
"This is freedom." 

It reminds me of Terry Elliott's animated handwriting that I have been seeing...

It then led to me starting to investigate this more systematically.

"What the hell is digital writing anyway?"

I have started a flipboard magazine to look into definitions of 'digital writing' which will benefit from your help here:
View my Flipboard Magazine.

I finally fell upon a new term: "Post-digital" and a very valuable article here entitled "What is Post-digital?" 

I recommend this article to anyone interested in trying to answer my initial question:

"What the hell is digital writing anyway?"


Digiwrimo has been only going on a couple of days but it is throwing me back towards Orality, Socrates, Printing Presses, Typing, and Punk DIY!

Not bad for a couple of days.

Am now off to post office.

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