Sunday, November 15, 2015

What the hell is going on?

The problem is that it doesn't look like working.

The problem is that it perturbs peoples' ideas of what learning looks like.

The problem is that it isn't linear.

The problem is that it demands learning new skills.

The problem is that it is not controllable.

The problem is that it does not have predictable outcomes.

This is learning.

This is me reflecting on learning process.

This is the outcome of a process which is a process....

Where the hell is this going next?

I am excited to find out.

New people, new encounters, new applications, new experiments, new risks, new adventures...

After a crazy week of connecting, of dialogue, of experiment, of pushing things and myself and probably the students to the edge, I returned to Storify my apparently chaotic work (even to me - and that's saying something).

We need to order, to reflect, to summarise, to digest, to learn....

This is an example of learning out loud...

Thank you all for your part in my learning.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Simon! Love having been a part of connecting you with Bruno, that's awesome : )
    Thanks for charting the connections in this story, it's so interesting to see how connections between corporate and edu communities have been woven together through key connectors who form the bridge.
    Really interesting to see the reaction by edu peeps to terms and tools ('what's #wolweek / 'working out loud' / blab) that I've had some familiarity with via association with corporate. Connected teaching/learning is possibly a similar concept in edu world - sharing what you're doing and how. Look forward to seeing and being part of how it pans out! You've done some major connecting in the lead-up, well done, great work!