Thursday, April 30, 2015



1. holding or guaranteed by a certificate
2. endorsed or guaranteed: certified cheque.
3. (Law) (of a person) declared legally insane

This content is certified!

I was looking for a rights free 'Certified' image that I could stick here from Google Advanced Image Search and strangely enough I couldn't find one.

I am not making this up.

I had to make up a 'CERTIFIED!' image to use above.

All certified stamps like these ones below I am not allowed to use.

So please help me God for I have sinned!

Strange how much value people put on an ugly stamp like the ones above.

I could be Google Certified, Microsoft Certified, JC 1002 Certified, Common Core Certified, ETS Certified, Pearson Certified...

Except I am not. I am just me.

So I have no right to use the badges.

BOOOOOO (he weeps)

Apparently this is the desired outcome of education.

We are working really, really hard for an official stamp.

Why bother?

I just copied my stamps off the net and I have certified my blog post as @sensor63 genuine.

This is just like many Chinese students do when they come to study in France.

They go to Paris and spend 3000 dollars to get a fake stamp.
When they go home to their parents, they go back with a fake university degree.

The parents are proud.

Before they come to France they pay to a language testing company to get a fake certificate which attests to their proficiency in French.

I could go on a long time about certified content

I already have...

Nomad's land

Mind the gap

Divine outcomes

Good News

Oh and probably some others...

I can't really be bothered now to look.

If you have read this far.

You are a champion.

You are getting to the important bit.

If you read the other blog posts and comment I will try to reply nicely to your comments.

But if you are only interested in the important bit.

Here it is:

CERTFIED by @sensor63

Write your email in the box.

Write the name of the French education minister in the second box. If you don't like the question that is tough because I AM THE BOSS.

If you get it right I will send you an official badge.



  1. Very nice post. Reads well aloud - male voice, female voice, it doesn't matter. I didn't enter the competition because I'm not a fan of stamps. And the form is intimidating and reminds me of tests. And I wasn't good at content at school because I daydreamed and so even now I daydream through news programs and no nothing about French ministers for education or any other cation.

    1. I will give you top comment award.
      Very pleased the form is intimidating.
      I no nothing either.

  2. Here you go, an uncertified remitigation:

  3. I read and ignored your boss management--you can't manage complexity or chaos. Actually, I didn't realize till after I had done my response that there was some kind of contest. Classic definition of rhizomatic action-wordless, clueless, more is less.

  4. I hope I didn't break anything.

  5. What kind of fun parody badges could we create for #rhizo15....

    I was thinking a "your content is certified people" badge would be fun...