Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Last Post.

That's it.

This is the last post.

I have ten minutes to write it.

I have to make it count.

What counted when all the counting is done?

Your touch, our company, the shared laughter, our hearts beating, your perfume, an out-stretched hand, the morning light,  the breeze on our faces, the light rain in our hair, that music that moves, a few lines of a poem...

Does this count for everything?

No more time.

Nothing else counts now.


  1. No more time
    and still, I find the time
    to write some lines
    of unexpressed memories,
    the melodies in sync with harmonies
    in sync with life
    if only I had the time ...

    (lifting your line to extend it out further)

    1. I think Kevin we can extend this into other spaces.
      Thank you :-)
      More play beckons...

  2. Beautiful post. An impressionistic scene perhaps. Why the last post?

    1. The last post before the exam.
      The last post perhaps. Who knows?
      Write each post as if it were the last...
      The last post is the music...

  3. Write every post as if it were the last. This is our legacy, this is our bonfire, these are the ashes of what we said and did, these are the embryos of what grew out of these pages.