Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Reserving judgement.

"Why this moment and not another?

I really have no idea.

You just caught my eye."


Silence spoke.

Guignol presented himself with his arms outstretched, his wrist holding a cooking spoon.

He was an unavoidable presence.

His silence spoke volumes.

I took a mental note and made my way.

Whatever Guignol would say he kept for himself.

A carousel of souvenirs.

A little further up the street, I came across Saint Augustine:

"Our route only exists through our walking of it." 

His still wisdom beckoned me.

Was Saint Augustine speaking to Guignol?

A quick spin of the carousel and Samuel Beckett appeared, diagonally.

Centuries were categorically collapsed.

It was an unlikely twist of fate, I warrant you.

Samuel Beckett met Saint Augustine as a souvenir in a gift shop.

"We say everything (We say it all.) 
(Or at least everything that we are able to say) 
All that we are able to.  
And not a word of truth to be found anywhere."

They had been waiting for this moment.

All life and essence were reduced to a paltry sound-bite on a post card.

A Sounding board.

A blank page appeared.

Its silence listened intently.

Neither I nor Guignol, nor Saint Augustine, nor Samuel Beckett could have foreseen it.

I made a note or tied a mental knot.

I beat time...

I mindlessly rushed to reach my ends.

I beat time...

I ambled aimlessly my means to test.

I beat time....

There was nothing to it....

All judgement appeared reserved.

A carousel spin away, Guignol stood, his arms outstretched.

His silence spoke volumes...


  1. Only silence perfects silence.
    A. R. Ammons

    1. Thank you for presenting Ammons to me.

      He was an unlikely fellow walker in a Lyon street.

      I never even noticed him before now.

  2. I really like this, Simon, but Guignol scares me.

  3. The motto of a prominent Lyon troupe: "Guignol amuses children… and witty adults". (Wikipedia) Not previously aware of Guignol and no idea how to pronounce his name, but he is creepy in a PeeWee Herman looking way. I do love the fact that his profession constantly changed.

    But more seriously, great post again. I love the random or accidental intersection of these folks, which reminds me of how we meet cMOOCers like each other. "All judgment appeared reserved." In my mind it kept twisting into re-served as in served again, and what would that actually mean....

    1. Thanks Susan. Actually I hate Guignol shows. U are right he is sinister. I like your re-serving.