Monday, May 23, 2016

Button pushing...

We felt ever so empowered over the vegan dinner table.

Hour upon hour spent talking of the system, its injustices and what to do about it.

We were a little ship of freedom afloat the oceans of oppression.

We didn't just talk.

We acted.

We sang.

"We shall overcome."

"We shall overcome."

What is that?

That is how they spoke of my friends.

Their vile jeering, their mobster poses disgusted me.

These are my friends they were spitting at.

Women, particularly women were fair game.

I went to confront them.

"Who the fuck are you speaking to you fucking queer?" he sneered.

I went to kiss him.

He recoiled in horror.

What is that?

Things have moved on since the 80's.

Things are out of the closet.

There are bucks to be made.

There are votes to be won.

It's a free world, people do what they want...


Where there is want there is cash.

You want a new face?

You have cash, we will build you a new face.

You want an army?

You have cash, you can buy a football team.

You want an army?

Get elected, preach hatred, sell drugs.

You have cash, you can buy an army.

You want to fuck the system?

Go and tweet about it.

"You say what you like."

"We'll just push a few buttons."

"We'll put you on the list for surveillance."

"We'll put you on the list for elimination."

Button pushing.

I lifted up the phone in the flat, there was a strange latency.

"What's wrong with the phone?" I asked.

"They've bugged the phone." was the answer.

The women were often down at Greenham Common for weeks.

A peace camp.

They bugged the phone.

Vegans are subversive.

Hold the line.

We went to demonstrate against their cruise missiles.

I was standing in the middle of a road outside a fence.

I was breaking nothing, saying nothing, I was standing in the road.

"Oy, either you move or I'm arresting you for obstruction."

"I am just standing in the road, how can I be obstructing anything?"

"Either you move or I'm arresting you for obstruction."

I moved.

The lines were clearer now.

Button pushing.

I was working on an application this morning.

I spent two hours working.

I went to push the key to publish

My account was suspended.

How had I broken the rules of the application?

There was no explanation.

My account was suspended.

What happens when they suspend this account?

What happens when they suspend all our accounts?

I didn't pay a parking fine.

I didn't receive the parking fine.

It was sent to an old address.

My salary was suspended.

What happens when they suspend all our accounts?

This is freedom.

This is free.dom.

This is free.dom.

Hold the line.

"We shall overcome one day..."


  1. Reclaim your identity. I am not a number, I am a free man.

  2. Your "What if they suspend our accounts" comment is a terrifying thought for those who have spent years creating a book of stories that we host in our on-line spaces. That some "someone" could just decide to ban you is terrifying.

    But very possible.