Sunday, May 1, 2016

Les Maux des Mots: Pinterest.

Beauty in deed.

Captured in a net.

Beauty in a jar.

Beauty pinned.

Beauty defined.

Beauty giffed.

Simulacre of beauty.

Morbid cabinet.

Made for display: flight tagged, sized, analysed.

Diversity decoration.

Curious, avid, acquisition, curate, possess, knowing.

Knowing naturalists, we are (not).

Naturaliser (Fr)

Il s’est fait naturaliser français.

Importer d’une autre langue un mot ou une expression

Empailler un animal mort ou conserver une plante, de façon que cet animal ou cette plante gardent leur aspect naturel.

L’Afrique renferme plusieurs espèces d’animaux qu’on ne pourrait naturaliser en Europe.

Is it safe?

Yes it's very safe (not).

"To love is to give what one doesn't have." J. Lacan.

We have love, we have nothing, IT is all.

We may not possess it, we may not keep it, we may not avoid its pain.

We are pierced in our hearts, mortally wounded, disabled, made unwhole.

We grasp for a light.

We become transfixed in our reflections...caught in an illusion of illumination.

Electrified, in the artificial light, we remain in the dark.

We remain pinned here, quaking, flapping, trembling.

"What is it that you want?

Say something!

Say something! Tell me what you want!"

What a thrill!

We are on the edge of our safety (not).

Faith it's a desperate leap...

Any words? 

Make them count...(selon).

"Mon Roland, mon Roland." 

Ecrire le deuil. Roland Barthes.

'Tis an exquisite corpse by deed.


  1. I woke up thinking about the largeness of love, how it trumps all else. I am so sure of this having lived through this last year.

    1. Love is forever absence.
      To live is to sense joy in grief.
      Art gives lively form to (non)sense.

  2. The gif gives the illusion of life but pinned we are when we are loved, defined, belonged to. Are our everyday gestures, our routines, our repetitions a form of gif that's been god created? Or is the illusion of pinned beauty a distraction to allow us flight?

  3. Tania you capture our joy/pain well.