Friday, May 6, 2016

'Tis an exquisite corpse...

What is #lesmauxdesmots about? That is what I have been asking myself. 

There are no easy answers. 

As I lay in my bed a tad feverish, clues came to my head. Most often this sort of thing happens to me and I go and get a piece of paper, I open a blog page and I scribble.

In this case I know that #lesmauxdesmots is an exquisite corpse. There are acts which are quite beyond, my, our control.

'Tis an exquisite corpse.

Others of you, YOU are writing this now.  Roland Barthes is writing this now:

This dead page, you must resurrect to give IT life.  

Unread, dead IT is elsewhere, nowhere, somewhere, everywhere.

I can not tell what IT is..
Romain Brunet is writing this now:

Les maux des mots..

I was writing blog titles in my head. I could see them quite clearly. I don't known if it is I who will write them. If #lesmauxdesmots (IT) has taught me anything then it is that IT, the exquisite corpse can not be written by God.

I am not GOD.

I suspect that many peoples' gods are certainly not IT.

Feverish titles:

The last temptation of Christ.


Casino ergo zero sum.

Paroles, paroles, paroles...

White man's burden...

Jealous I's 

Read, write, web.

A tribute.

(NB. Storyboard for Terry and Alan)

Is it safe?

Grief is love.

Le royaume du concours des quéquettes...

Death (life?) is a blank page...
(Exquisite corpse)

Please take any of these titles and do with them what you will. 

Should you wish to help us learn more you could tag with #lesmauxdesmots if you just want to take or ignore it is rather the same.


I have been constantly reviewing the first part of Les maux des mots. What does it mean?

I made a decision that episode 1 would now be renamed "Prologue" and episode 2 would be named "Act 2".  Act 2 is blank. 

Episode three - which I will rename "Act 3" can be found on this blog.

Some fragments have been strewn in some sort of Ariane thread by myself, and others of you but mainly by thousands of others across the web.



  1. I too have spent an entire day in bed with a fever, reading and mostly listening to music deliriously so you could include that as an imaginary remix. :)

  2. Angela thanks for your sign of life. I am stuck in bed too. Maybe delirious - but not noticeably different to when I'm not stuck in bed... I shall imagine. This is not about remix.