Monday, May 9, 2016

Les maux des mots... Critical Prostitution.

I did a Google Search for prostitutes.


After a page of women in various poses, I thought that:

a) Google Advanced Image Search wasn't very fucking advanced (they should know that I am a MAN - don't their algorithms sort that one from tracking my photos?)

b) Prostitute = Women

c) Prostitutes generally work under duress.

d) Duress may be to finance their habits.

e) I thought I would settle for an arty perhaps androgynous photo of a cocaine sniffer.

On giant's bits...

[this is crude in French]

I felt a bit shaky on the shoulders of giants.

That's where Google Scholar told me I was.

I was rather apprehensive in case I ended up on a giant's knee.

Then what might happen?

In my thirst for knowledge I accepted the transaction.

I typed "Critical Pedagogy" into the Google Scholar search box and waited for the client to give me its best hits.

Top on the server's list, no doubt he came with glowing references, page-ranked was he, a Mr Henry Giroux esq. Mmm.. I thought to myself, sounds French might be worth the risk.

If I quote him, I thought, it would probably be a safe bet, he's probably loaded.

Into the RED ROOM

I clicked on the link and to my dismay, not only I would have to lie on my back (chest?) for a bloody hour (perhaps 3 minutes) reading his crap but I would have to pay for the trouble!!

That's not prostitution that's a racket I thought to myself.

There I was wanting to get high on Giroux and he goes and gets sadomaso on me.

It made me want to weep.

Next on the list was....

Henry Marquis Sade Giroux again.

Wanting me to pay for the pains of being less dominated by the fucking system, I mean what is the world coming to?

It didn't make me feel any less oppressed I can tell you.

I was already tiring of the game.

I tried client three.

My hopes were raised.

I had heard of her (him?) er Ellsworth, Maha recommended er her (him? sorry dunno)

"Why doesn't this feel empowering? Working through the repressive myths of critical pedagogy"

E Ellsworth - Harvard educational review, 1989 -
Elizabeth Ellsworth finds that critical pedagogy, as represented in her review of the literature,
has developed along a highly abstract and Utopian line which does not necessarily sustain
the daily workings of the education its supporters advocate. The author maintains that the ...

That was exactly what I needed to know: why doesn't this lark feel empowering Ell?

And what can you share with us?

I was beginning to have illusions that Harvard had got all critical and generous and open.

You know open as in LOVE.

I have been delirious recently, maybe I'm going cold turkey?

Nope. I was disappointed.

Bloody ELL doesn't come cheaply either.

Another bloody pervert.

Prostitution doesn't fucking make me feel empowered.

I understand that prostitutes are on the game to pay for their habits.

I am addicted to learning.

It's my only habit.

It's worse than cocaine.

It can get you in deep water.

Dominatrixes and nasty pimps.

Maybe I shouldn't be too hasty too judge I thought.

Maybe they were loving like this for a reason.

(I thought of Grey).

Maybe they were sad, or got tied up by some family Dominatrix?

It made me stop a moment.

Maybe they are loving like this out of fear?

Pimps are violent with their chattel.

I thought of scenes from crime series on TV.

They are great references for serial torture of poor sculptural lost girls from Eastern Europe.

I am becoming an expert on torture thanks to TV....that and shopping and feeling bad about myself.

I did a little research when the clients had left.

I am thankful that I don't have to lie so bad as some, whore that I am, I do more vanilla teaching stuff.

I found an article about the savage revenge of one powerful pimp:
And another one about the network that keeps whores down.

I think actually if I am thinking of my whorelife's lot today it is thanks to Gardner.

I have been feeling a little suffocated recently by the network.

I have learnt more than I ever imagined about tenure, adjunct, submission, brothels, peer review.

Torn Halves tried to cheer me up with a joke (you can always count on him to ligthen the mood)

I was beginning to feel emotions ranging from despair to anger.

Beyond Rigor (Sade)

Fortunately, I have been scouring Hybrid Pedagogy recently looking for any signs of love...
I fell upon sections that had been written by Jesse Stommel and Sean Michael Morris and Chris Friend which made me feel that there might be signs of faint hope.

Listening for student voices was the source of the quote which perked me up.

This one took my fancy - was called appropriately 'Beyond Rigor'.

And this one which was shared to acclaims...

And generated a tweet from Mia Zamora which inspired me to create.

I love creating...I do it freely.

An addict will grasp at anything which resembles what they need for a fix...
(however bad it turns out for them)

Capitalism is an amazing dealer.

The internet is like the fucking Afghanistan my hippy cousins told me about before the war. (er was that ever a time?)

A Junkies heaven!!!

TV Junkies heaven!!!

Rap Gangstas heaven!!!

WWW Junkies heaven!!!

So I thought that the other whores wouldn't maybe all beat me up for coming clean, for talking about what goes on behind the boredroom walls.

I mean we all need our fixes.

It's better than being a beggar or a banker.

I mean what sort of service do the well suited lot offer?

They take your cash and then hide it in bloody Panama.

You get mixed up with the wrong sort (drug dealers).

At least we pedagogos offer some sort of psychological support.

And if that don't  work, well we can always get the whips and chains out.

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