Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mapping Impotence. Point 2

That's it, I keep having to trace my, er our, your steps.

Let's give it another try.

I went and Storified the hashtag.

This is an absolutely enormous part of the cartography.

It includes an enormous range of elements.

It's giving me a backlog of work to do I can tell you.

It gives one an idea of the monster that is #lesmauxdesmots.

Only a couple of days back Mary Ann suggested that there were a lifetime of words in one blog post and then I was just "Scratching around"

So what is driving this?

I feel like I'm immersed in my son's mind building his village/town/city in Minecraft.

I zoom out, I zoom in, and share bits and pieces with other builders who are busy developing trees, bird song, poetry, philosophical comment, pedagogical criticism.

Thank goodness that rhizo16 was cancelled.

Except even it had not been cancelled it would still be the blasted #lesmauxdesmots.

So I shall shut up and embed that Storify.

I am not quite sure which template will be useful.

WTF I shall try this one.

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